Failed to execute the SQL query

select  i.title,  c.title,, i.unread, i.url, i.enclosure,, i.description, c.icon,  unix_timestamp(ifnull(i.pubdate,i.added)) as ts,  i.pubdate is not null as ispubdate,, r.rating   from  news_item  i  left join  news_rating  r on ( = r.iid),  news_channels  c,  news_folders  f  where  i.cid = and and  not(c.mode & 8) and  not(i.unread & 8) and  not(i.unread & 4) and i.unread & 1 and  1=1  order by  ts desc, f.position asc, c.position asc , ts desc, asc limit  0, 100

Error 126: Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_7bb_0.MYI'; try to repair it